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Last Revised: 28/Mar/23.

Esoterica is spatial-abstract part of Trilogica IQ test. It consists of 32 items, mostly drawing sequences, sets, groups or rebuses which require convergent logic conclusion and/or divergent logic exclusion reasoning for finding their missing elements in order to complete their wholeness. Every accurate answer brings 1,5 point in balanced score of Trilogica test.The fee is 40(€,$,CHF) in cash or 50(€,$,CHF) by bank transfer (hover over email), NO PAYPAL. Answers may be sent by e-mail or by mail with the fee enclosed on address: Mislav Predavec, Jakova Gotovca 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. The certificate of this test is now available in electronic 20(€,$,CHF) or paper 50(€,$,CHF) form. Official score issued by this certificate is average score of first score and the best score. A current score list and norm can be found on the link provided. Raw score (by quarters including) follows instantly. This test is currently accepted as entrance exam by Sinapsa, Encefálica, Exactiq, Homo Universalis, Milenija, Tetra, GenerIQ, Ultima and Nano societies. E-mail: