Tractatus Logicus 37

© Christoffer Collin, September 2008



Tractatus Logicus 37 is a culture fair spatial high range IQ test designed to measure IQ above two standard deviations from the mean (> IQ 130).


The test requires convergent as well as divergent thinking. The items are placed in order of, by me, and the test persons, perceived, difficulty. No further instructions should be necessary.


Since the test is difficult I recommend that you spend at least two weeks solving it. There is no time limit. References are allowed. Do not discuss test items with others, either before, during or after taking the test and regardless if you intend to submit answers. Publication of answers results in prosecution.


This test is currently accepted as an entrance exam by GenerIQ Society, Tetra High IQ Society, International High IQ Society Milenija, Exactiq high IQ Society, Eximia High IQ Society, Alta Capacidad Hispana & Encefálica.


A current score list and norm can be found on the link provided.


You are allowed to two attempts on this test. The fee for the second attempt is $15, €10 or 100SEK. You may use paypal for this transaction. ( It must not be sent earlier than one week after the first submission. The reason for having a fee is not to make money (there would be more profitable ways to spend my time if that was the case) but to make one really try ones hardest the second time.


To have your test scored and a certificate with your score sent to you the following data is required:


Name, Age, Gender, Email, Results on other IQ tests and an estimation of how many correct answers you think you will get. There will be a symbolic award for those who are within a certain range of their actual score.


You must also provide a photocopy of an ID card of yours (passports are ok). The reason for this is to deter people from retesting under false name. You may blank out any details except name, date of birth and the photo.



Send your answers to:




Christoffer Collin

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