Logicaus Strictimanus 24

©Robert Lato 2000.


Logicaus Strictimanus 24 is a natural continuation of Logima Strictica 36, her son. She gave a birth to her more perfect and much more complex child. Although Logima possess a half items more than Logicaus, Robert considers that the time required for their completion is equivalent. He recommends (insists) to testees to try Logima Strictica 36 first, as an introduction to Logicaus Strictimanus 24 which is more appropriate to measure IQ in range between 160 and 190.


To receive a score report send your completed test solutions via ordinary mail to the address below. Please, don´t send certified or registered letter. It will be returned if not taken in 2 weeks. Send just plain ordinary snail mail and wait patiently. With the test enclose 30$ (Dollars) or roughly that value in other currency.  You can pay also in Bitcoin, BTC wallet address is: 3F87VnkHaJzeRfU2xGRvVawbMgAgSj2J4P. In that case enclose a copy of confirmed transaction. NEW! (since 21/02/2018). For those interested in receiving LS60 score report author is giving the opportunity to testers that already tried both tests to send LS36+LS24 together in one mail with not necessary same solutions as in first separated attempts. The fee for both tests sent together is 40$ (20$+20$). NEW! (since 21/02/2018)


NEW! (since 21/02/2018)

Robert Lato

Postboks 119 Holmenkollen

0712 Oslo



To examine your submission, following data are required
Age, Gender, Height, Other tests completed - their names, dates scored, IQ and scores.


This test is currently accepted as an entrance exam by the Encefálica, exactiq society, Milenija Society, Sinapsa, Tetra Society, Homo Universalis, GenerIQ Society, Ultima Society and Nano Society.


Visitors can found score list and norm or proceed to the test.

There is LS60 score list and norm also.