Anoteleia 44

Mislav Predavec, December 2010.

Last Revised: 28/Mar/23.

Anoteleia IQ test is multiple choice exam composed of 44 items of abstract-symbolic nature. The fee is 40(,$,CHF) in cash or 50(,$,CHF) by bank transfer (hover over email), NO PAYPAL. Answers may be sent by e-mail or by mail with the fee enclosed on address: Mislav Predavec, Jakova Gotovca 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. The certificate of this test is now available in electronic (10 or 15$) or paper (30 or 50$) form. Official score issued by this certificate is average score of first score and the best score. A current score list and norm can be found on the link provided. Raw score follows instantly. This test is currently accepted as entrance exam by Milenija, Tetra and GenerIQ societies. E-mail: