Logima Strictica 36

©Robert Lato 1999.


Logima Strictica 36 is IQ test made by Robert Lato and was first published in the Swedish Mensa journal, "Legatus Mensae", in the summer of 1999. Later was published online on Darryl Miyaguchi web site better known as “Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests”. The test is very difficult so it is time unlimited.


To receive a score report send your completed test solutions via ordinary mail to the address below. With the test enclose 10€ (Euros) or 10$ (Dollars) or roughly that value in other currency.


Logima Strictica
45122 Uddevalla


To examine your submission, following data are required
Age, Gender, Height, Other tests completed - their names, dates scored, IQ and scores.


Lato later published another test, Logicaus Strictimanus 24, which is a continuation of Logima Strictica 36. Those two tests together make LS60 which score report will be issued to those who accomplished both tests.


This test is currently accepted as an entrance exam by the Encefálica, Milenija Society, ISI-Society, Sinapsa, Tetra Society, Homo Universalis and GenerIQ Society.


Visitors can found score list and norm or proceed to the test.

There is LS60 score list and norm also.